“We are 100 Million Strong and we will be heard”

Mumbai 31, March 2014

Malini Chib, the founder and Chairperson of the ADAPT Rights group (ARG), today announced the pending release of the organisation’s political charter. Citing the India’s vast disabled population, Ms. Chib an Activist and, the author of the book “One Little Finger”, stated “We are 100 million strong and we will be heard”. According to ARG the political charter will have five priorities that the group will be pushing onto the country’s agenda:

  • The Right to Education
  • The Right to Vote
  • The Rights of Disabled Women
  • The Right to Suitable Health Services
  • The Right to Nondiscriminatory Employment
  • The Right to an Accessible Environment

In relation to the right to an accessible environment, Ms. Chib, who has made campaigning on accessibility one of ARG’s major thrusts since 2009, said “It is not only the moral responsibility of businesses and governments to provide all members of a society with equal access to the public domain, It is a legal obligation codified in The Person’s with Disabilities Act of 1995 and in India’s ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People in. We need these commitments to be honoured.”

As a supplement to the charter ARG has said that they will producing a series of position papers as guidance for all of the major political parties. These position papers will include ARG’s guidance on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill 2014 which the group believes needs to be made more robust to bring it in line with India’s commitment to the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People.

According to Padmashree Dr. Mithu Alur Founder and Chair of ARG’s Parent organization ADAPT “It is our deepest hope that the politicians hear the voices and concerns of India’s disabled people, we have the votes to sway any election.” ARG has said that the charter will be released in time to influence the national elections next month.


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