Ramp for Sachin Tendulkar’s mother at Wankhede


It seems everybody is looking for ways to contribute to make Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th Test at the Wankhede Stadium a special one.

Safdar Karmali, who made the ramp that will enable Tendulkar’s wheelchair-bound mother, Rajni, to access the President’s Box for her son’s farewell match, has decided not to charge the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) for his services.

The ramp constructed at the Wankhede. Pic/Atul Kamble

“It was very special to make this ramp for Tendulkar’s mother. When we came to know that he wants to bring her for his last match, we decided that this (ramp) will be our contribution towards the legendary batsman.

We will not charge the MCA anything. We will apply finishing touches to the ramp a couple of days before the Test,” Karmali told MiD DAY. A few weeks ago, a temporary ramp was shown to Tendulkar but it is learnt that the icon did not approve of it, as it was not wide enough to fit his mother’s wheelchair to pass through.

The new ramp is eight-feet long and four-feet wide. The wheelchair will easily fit in,” said Karmali, who has been associated with MCA since 1974.


Sachin Tendulkar wants ‘perfect’ Wankhede pitch to greet mother in farewell Test

Sachin Tendulkar wants his mother Rajni to witness his farewell Test at the Wankhede Stadium. The Master Blaster wants that his wheel-chair bound mother gets easy access to the President’s Box on all five days of the Test match against the West Indies.

It’s has been a busy week for Sachin Tendulkar so far. Apart from preparing for his final Ranji Trophy match in Haryana this weekend, Tendulkar has been talking to Mumbai Cricket Association officials to ensure that the stage is ‘perfect’ for mother Ranji to witness his 200th and final Test match.

In spite of a 24-year-long career, Tendulkar’s mother has never seen her son play an international game. During a public ceremony in Mumbai on January 26, 2011, an emotional Tendulkar had revealed his father’s death in May 1999 was one of the “toughest” phase of his life and that it was his mother who helped him focus on cricket again. Interestingly, Tendulkar’s mother, who came from a traditional Maharashtrian family, never knew about cricket till she married Professor Ramesh Tendulkar.

Sachin lost his father when India were playing the World Cup in England. “That was the most difficult stage of my life. At that moment my mom said that even my father would have wanted me to go back and play (the World Cup) because if I sat back at home then it would possibly be the worst thing. You have to go and play for your country because that is the most important thing, and that made me strong. That support meant a lot because it was a very difficult moment for our entire family and to go and play a cricket match after just three days was not easy,”

Tendulkar had said. Despite the personal tragedy,

Tendulkar even scored a century against Kenya!

Now it’s thanksgiving for the Master Blaster. Tendulkar’s 200th and final Test match is scheduled at the Wankhede Stadium between November 14-18. More than handling the Caribbean pacers, Tendulkar’s main concern is that his mother, who is wheel-chair bound, has no difficulty in reaching her seat in the president’s box for the five days of the match.

After a practice session at the Wankhede on Monday, Tendulkar spoke at length to MCA officials to ensure that his mother gets easy access to the president’s box. The lift that leads to the president’s box was deemed too small to accommodate a wheel-chair and Tendulkar was reportedly unhappy with the metal ramp shown to him by MCA officials, says a report in the Indian Express. MCA officials has assured that all necessary arrangements will be made for the Tendulkar family.

It has also been learnt that Sachin wants a painting as his farewell gift. The MCA, at its meeting on Monday, commissioned an artist to visit the 40-year-old’s house and choose the type of portrait he desires. Interestingly, famed painter and multifaceted Bengal artist Sanatan Dinda, a “close friend” of Tendulkar since 2008, is all set to paint a picture as a memento to mark the legend’s adieu from cricket. Tendulkar, who loves to collect paintings, has received three to four works of art from Dinda as gifts whereas he has commissioned Dinda to paint several others over the course of many years.

The MCA has also allotted Sachin 500 tickets for the game – 300 in the North Stand and 200 in the Pavilion. Tickets for each individual day of the match have been priced at Rs 250 while five-day tickets will be available for Rs. 1000. (All ticket prices)


Sachin Tendulkar is trying to ensure that his mother has no difficulty getting to the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) president box from where she is expected to watch her son play his 200th and final Test Match. (IE Photo: Kevin D'Souza

Sachin Tendulkar is trying to ensure that his mother has no difficulty getting to the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) president box from where she is expected to watch her son play his 200th and final Test match.

As he arrived for the Mumbai Ranji team’s practice session on Monday, Tendulkar spoke at length with MCA officials about providing a ramp at the entrance to the box.

Tendulkar, who had ascertained that the lift to the box wasn’t big enough to accommodate his mother’s wheel-chair, was not happy with the temporary metal ramp that the MCA showed him.

The batsman’s mother, Rajni, has never seen him play at a stadium, and has made an exception for his farewell Test.

India will play the West Indies at Tendulkar’s home ground from November 14 to 18.

MCA joint secretary Nitin Dalal told The Indian Express that all arrangements would be made in the coming days. “We will make sure that everything is taken care of and every assistance is provided to Tendulkar’s family. His mother is in a wheelchair and we will prepare the ramp so that she can enter the president box without any problem,” he said. The entire Tendulkar clan is expected to be at the

Wankhede for the Test.


Mumbai : Special Ramp for Sachin’s Mother on Wankhede stadium


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