This-Ability Series

The Articles in the Series “This-Ability” are copyrighted material of Trinayani.  This Blog is carrying the series on the request of
Ritika Sahni, Founder Trinayani.  Any queries or request to publish these articles please contact Ritika Sahni. The owner of this Blog is not responsible for any copyright infringement

Nilesh Singit

Trinayani Logo

TRINAYANI is a notprofit NGO working with a vision towards creating mass awareness about Disability Issues, hoping to alter perspectives on the strengths, problems and issues faced by persons with disability. We believe that neglecting the cause of including disabled people in the mainstream of social life, happens more out of ignorance, misinformation and exposure to appropriate visibility of people with disabilities. OUR aim thus is to communicate APPROPRIATE INFORMATION on disability issues, to portray messages which convey the fact that Diversity is Good, Diversity is Needed and Diversity adds Value to our lives.

Our recent Trinayani initiative titled This-Ability are a series of articles which that explores the intriguing lives of persons with disabilities beautifully written. We all need to be saved from having a single story of what persons with disabilities are because the consequence of a single story is that it robs people of their dignity and it makes the recognition of our equal humanity difficult and it also emphasizes how we are different than how we are similar. The single story of disability in our minds is what leads to prejudices and stereotypes. So, through these articles we are trying to weave many stories about persons with disabilities. Hope you will enjoy reading them.

Warm regards

Ritika Sahni

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