Paralysed student denied admission

A science student with “locomotor disability” has moved the Bombay high court seeking to get admission for MBBS. Nachiket Ramane, diagnosed with ‘Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy’ (DMD) and confined to a wheel chair, got into the reserved merit list in the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test for medicine. Ramane, who has been certified as 65%permanently disabled by JJ hospital, had given his junior college exams with the assistance of a writer.

Ramane wants the court to intervene and review the guidelines for admission so that he could get admission under the three per-cent reservation for “handicap quota”. Ramane’s lawyer Jamshed Mistry contended that Ramane was found ineligible following the medical examination even though only 11 out of the 18 seats under the category were filled.  Candidates are required to undergo a medical examination before a Medical Board after results are declared. 

The disqualification implied that they had found the disability to be not between 50 to 70%, the petition said.  Ramane pointed to a  Gujarat high court order whereby a person with a locomotor disability of both the upper and lower limbs can be eligible for admission to a post graduate course in health sciences (MD). Then why not to a graduation course such as MBBS, he asked.

Hindustan Times


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