Differently-abled, academicians discuss rights and inclusion

AHMEDABAD: The perception of a differently-abled person has undergone a great change in last decade with more and more such persons coming forward to assert their rights and be included in the mainstream. This was the underlying thread of the one-day convention on guidelines laid down by United Nations (UN) for rights of the differently-abled, conducted by Indian NGOs working in the sector.   Unnati Organization for Development Education and Blind People’s Association (BPA) organized a programme to present pilot case studies that documented action research projects for the differently-abled at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) on Friday.

"A joint regional consultation was organized to present, discuss and learn from existing programmes and practices promoting inclusion. The process involved leading disability activists, practitioners, corporate employers, persons with disabilities, donors and academicians," said a BPA official. 

"It was a special experience learning about the aggravation of disability due to conflicts in society. We would not have thought of it If we did not have this opportunity to meet the differently-able from areas like Jammu and Kashmir and discussing that law has to be subservient to people and consider what people require" said Dr Amita Dhanda from UNCRPD, a UN body for rights of differently-abled. Dhandha was member of drafting committee of the new disability law.   Kanubhai Shelar, 61, a differently-abled person and participant at the event, said that the direct sharing of opinions to guide the disabled was a great experience.

Times of India


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