User Interface is the theme for Techshare 2010

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: If electronic accessibility isa concept that is new to India, user interface is a concept which isunheard of. The scenario looks likely to change with Techshare 2010deciding to keep the theme centred on ‘User Interface’. The two-dayconference cum exhibition will be held on February 15 and 16, 2010 inNew Delhi and will have international delegates speaking on userinterface of different technologies such as websites, mobiles, kiosks,A.T.M.s. etc.
User interface varies from one person to another depending upon thedisability of the person. For example, the user interface of an A.T.M.for a visually impaired person should give a sound output. For ahearing impaired person, if there is an error and the A.T.M. machinegives a beep, it should also be written on the screen as ‘errorencountered’.
The conference cum exhibition will display international work,products and research from the digital assistive technology industry.The ‘Experience Zone’ at Techshare India 2010 will provide anopportunity to not only see but experience different assistive devicesand technologies that will be demonstrated by people with disabilities.
Techshare India is an international conference aiming to provide anopportunity to the government, corporates, N.G.O.s., educators anddisabled people to bridge barriers with an inclusive perspective. Themain objectives of the conference are to accelerate consciousness aboutaccessibility, offering a platform for knowledge sharing and to extendthe use of assistive technology.
To register for Techshare India 2010 and for further details, pleaseclick on the logo below:


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