Sports scheme for disabled people to be implemented only in ‘special schools’!

D.N.I.S. News Network, India:The Ministry for Youth Affairsand Sports has announced a scheme to promote participative sports amongdisabled people. The scheme will provide grants for coaching, procuringsports equipments and organizing district, state and national levelcompetitions for disabled sportspersons. This is India’s first eversports policy for people with disabilities. However what is surprisingis that the scheme will be implemented ona pilot basis for a 5 year period but only in special schools andschools which cater to disabled children!! This goes against theGovernment’s own policy for inclusiveness.

The scheme will support 250 students in5 schools in each State andUnion Territory. The schools will be selected for grants through openinvitations and after recommendation from a Committee to be headed byJoint Secretary, Sports. India’s first policy on sports for disabledpeople comes close onthe heels of the fiasco at the I.W.A.S. World Games in Bengaluruorganised by the Paralympics Committee of India and amid allegations ofcorruption. Such a myopic and discriminatory implementation wouldfurther enrage the disability sector.

Click here to read thefull text of the scheme (WORD – 26 KB)


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