All mountain wheelchair brings sporty spirit to the physically impaired

all mountain wheel chair_01

Battling all oddities of modern existence, life becomes difficult for the physically impaired as they have to depend on others for their basic needs, especially moving from one place to another. Lending a helping hand, Argentine designer Francisco Lupin has come up with a functional wheelchair that combines the qualities of an average wheelchair with a sports wheelchair to give certainty about the rigidity of the structure. Designed for the people with reduced motor skills in the lower limbs, the all mountain wheelchair integrates a suspension system that adapts to the weight of the user, together with a regulator of camber in the front wheels and an adjustable belt.

While the rear wheel and a comfort in the displacement, with upholstery designed to give comfortable position, allows a third point of support to the users. Finished in a fiberglass monocoque, the wheelchair is not only lightweight and comfy to use even in uneven terrains, but also economical to manufacture.

all mountain wheel chair_02

all mountain wheel chair_03

all mountain wheel chair_04

all mountain wheel chair_05

all mountain wheel chair_06

all mountain wheel chair_07

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